Sunday, 3 September 2017

Real European Companies v 2.42

Changes in v 2.42
- MVN replaced to Carrieres PLO (Vive La France DLC)
- new trailer skin for Groupe PSA (Vive La France DLC)
- added choisable Esso trailer skin for ExxonMobile (Vive La France DLC)

Note: Mod is not compatible with ProMods !


ETS 2 Tamiel18


  1. Amo seu trabalho, realmente muito bem elaborados mas me perdoe se for inconveniente mas poderia upar em outro servidor opcional pois esse limita muito a banda e as vezes da erros constantes no download tendo que fazer tudo de novo.

  2. I have a problem with Real European Companies 2.42 and ETS 2 1.30 open beta. This mod spawn a NPC truck and trailer on the activation point for ferries in Nynäshamn which make it impossible to take the ferry. I know it is this mod because when I deactivated this mod the NPC truck & trailer wasn't on the activation point.

  3. It does the same on all ferries so i am hoping tamiel will update mod to be compatible with v1.30

  4. Nádherný mód ,.. palec hore

  5. Same here..
    ..can not reach the ferry markers due to parking truck.
    So this and all the new companies in Italy make me waiting for your update to this so awesome mod in generel Tamiel ;)

  6. Hey,
    I really like your mod, will it get a new update soon?